Access Policy for the Church of St Wilfrid

Main Street, Burnsall, BD23 6BP

1.The Parochial Church Council of Burnsall seeks wherever possible to provide open access to the Church of St Wilfrid for members of the local

community and for visitors and tourists from further afield.

2. There is no charge for admission to the Church building but contributions for its upkeep are invited on a voluntary basis.

3. The building is normally open to the public every day throughout the year from 09.00 to dusk.

4. Access is unrestricted for members of the public with disabilities subject to the physical layout of the building but there is, at present, no loop

system for the hearing impaired.

5. Access for wheel chair users is possible with the aid of experienced carers.

6. This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that individuals are treated with equality and justice.

7. The Parish is committed to a programme of reflection, review and action to make this policy effective and to continue to improve access.

8. The Priest in Charge together with the Churchwardens shall have formal responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy.

Approved by the Parochial Church Council.

Date approved: 25 March 2003

Reviewed and Updated 15 May 2017